How to setup CardMail in Windows Live Mail?

If you are a University of Louisville's (UofL) faculty / student, you will have UofL mail account with domain extensions or However, if you decided to use Windows Live Mail instead of using web base mail which you have to open the internet browser, go to and login your account every time in order to check or send emails.  In this tutorial, I will guide you how to setup your CardMail using domain extension in "Windows Live Mail".   Here are the step by step: I'm assuming that you're already have "Windows Live Mail" installed in your windows operating system, if not Click here and download "Windows Live Essentials 2011" then install it into your computer.  Let's get starting, open "Window Live Mail" by clicking on "Start" ⇒ All Programs ⇒ Windows Live Mail.  Up to the top left corner of Windows Live Mail, click on the arrow button drop-down menu ⇒ Options ⇒ Email accounts…  Accounts window should pop up, click Add…  Add an account windows will pop up, make sure "Email Account" option is highlighted then click Next  Add your email account window appear, in Email address box, type in your email address (example: then type in your email password, next type in your First and last name in the box below the password. ⇒ Check the box  "Manually configure server settings". ⇒ after that click Next button.  In Configure server settings window filling the fields of information provided bellow: For (POP setting) Incoming server information column, select POP as Server type ⇒ Server address: Port: 995 Check the box "Requires a secure connection (SSL) Authenticate using: Clear text Logon user name: type in your email address again (example:  For (SMTP setting) Outgoing server information column. Server address: Port: 587 Check the box "Requires a secure connection (SSL)" and "Requires Authentication". Once you have finished filling out all the information in above. Click Next ⇒ Finish Congratulation you're done, good luck!!! Having your account get setup in Windows Live Mail is just so nice, it saves you alot of time and even more convenient since Windows Live Mail is free from Microsoft. If you have any question/suggestion drop me a comment.


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